Herb Hernandez is…

A non-specific-medium artist, designer & adviser in astrology, tarot, I Ching and palmistry.
Vegan 30 plus years! Bird lover!

Wellness and Glamour Unite.

 Herb Hernandez has appeared in many publications including The New Yorker, Time Out New York and New York Newsday. His designs and craftsmanship have appeared in Elle Decor, and Architectural Digest. Herb has worked with the best celebrities in fashion, design and architecture.

As an astrologer, Herb has read for over 1,400 people. He has been summoned for sessions by some of NYC’s top celebrities inclusive of Ivana Trump (When she was dumping him for cheating on her.), Mrs. Harrison Ford and the late Pop-Art master, Roy Lichtenstein.

Herb Hernandez is Brooklyn based and available for podcasts, interviews and meet-ups by appointment.

Below are the modalities I offered in private sessions.

  • Crystal Chakra Harmony – An analysis of the seven chakras is illuminated through tarot astrology, psychic modalities. Results and treatment are discussed. Treatment employs healing crystals physically arranged on your body and chakras and guided meditation.
  • Astrology – Your date, time and place of birth determine the major energies you are and will encounter. We look at your natal chart and transits to establish awareness of your being and energies for understanding, clarity and progress in your life.
  • Tarot – You attract the cards that are relevant to you and your healing process and we discuss the information. Most of the time you attract things you are aware of but need to discuss and define. Sometimes You will attract cards that will challenge you and inspire a new awareness or perception of a situation or way of being.
  • Psychic – I sense and reveal conditions, remedies are discussed.

Herb’s vast past also includes his fashion label with a celebrity clientele which sold at the fashion forward boutiques like M Shop and Patricia Field’s. Herb also was the master craftsman and project manager for Dan Bleier Studio which created interior design masterpieces for Robert Stern Architects, The Rockwell Group, Peter Marino from NYC to Dubai. Projects included: Chanel Flagship Showroom, the Heartbeat restaurant at the W Hotel and the fountain in the Royal Aqua Suite at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. Herb Hernandez has also exhibited his visual and performance art internationally.

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Love and Luck! Herb
Herb Hernandez is available for bookings.

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